The House


            This project began with my exploration in a beautiful, old house in my hometown of Ringgold, Ga. I started out in the front lawn, quickly made my way to the porch, and then I found my way inside. Little did I know that being in the house would change my way of thinking.

            I remember opening the front door, and the cold musty smell hit me in the face. As soon as I walked in and took a quick look around I knew this would be something special, and I couldn’t wait to photograph. No one lives there as of right now, but the house is completely furnished, and has been that way since the Civil War. After my first trip of spending two hours alone in this house, I photographed different and I even looked different in the photographs. I felt as though I was becoming the house, it was taking over me. Then I thought to myself as I was in the house, “What am I doing? This work is not about me, it never was, it was always about the house.”

            While these are “Self-Portraits”, the house is my focus. This house has no living thing in it, and it hasn’t in many years. So photographing myself in this place felt unnatural. I had to show not my “Self”, but the way the house lives, and had lived in the past. I am the subtle changes, the no longer seen motion, the moments in time, the history, the love, I am the house.

This is my journey, my discovery of something new, and something unknown.